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                         CHECKERING PATTERNS AVAILABLE
Just a few of our upgraded patterns price per set. All standard checkering patterns are available for any model unless model is rare and unusual.

    Upgraded Checkering Before Finish              Upgraded Checkering After Finish
LC Smith SxS Upgraded Checkering Pattern $375

Savage 1899 Original Checkering pattern $125

Winchester Model 94-22 Original checkering pattern $175

Montana 1999 upgraded checkering pattern $375

Skeletonized Grip Cap Checkered $40
does not include installation or price of grip cap

Skeletonized Butt plate checkered $40
does not include installation or price of plate

Browning BAR upgraded checkering pattern $275

Original Remington Model 1100 hand cut checkering pattern with Fluers $375


This style 22 LPI hand cut checkering $175
Upgrade due to wrap around on forend

Winchester B Carve Fluers and Ribbons $375

Original Winchester Model 21 with side panels and kidney pattern on forend $375

Standard 22 LPI hand cut Winchester pattern  $175

Original Browning A5 22 LPI hand cut checkering $150

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