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Remington 750 Royal Jacaranda (left) & Remington 740 Royal Onyx (right) fit and finished by Macon Gunstocks Custom Shop. High Gloss Spray finish with ebony grip cap for Sammie in Florida.

Remington Model 1100 12 gauge Select Feather Crotch walnut butt stock and matching for-end fit, finish and checkered by Macon Gunstocks.  Deluxe hand rubbed oil finish. Upgraded Original Remington hand cut checkering. Donated to Johnson County Volunteer Fire Association

I just thought you would like to see the finished gun. I absolutely love what you did with the stock. Thank you, I appreciate all that you did and also the good advice of not getting the high gloss finish. Ken, CT

Remington 7400 Fancy Marbled Walnut butt stock and forend fully fit and finished for Mike in Montana.

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Winchester 71 Extra Fancy Fiddle Back Walnut right hand monte carlo stock and forend fit, hand rubbed oil finish and checkering for Bill in California

Winchester Model 12 Select Fiddle Back Walnut set fit, hand rubbed oil finish and upgraded checkering for Ransom in NC.

 "To say that I am pleased with your work would be a complete understatement! You guys did an amazing job on my NR Davis stock. My thanks to Bryan & his crew. I look forward to a long working relationship with your company, & I have posted on my web site that Macon Gunstocks Inc. is THE place to go for replacement gunstocks & custom gunstock fitting."

                  Robert Hanlin Owner/Operator RC Gunworks LLC Jan, 2015

"I just received my finished Browning Safari Hi-power rifle and love it!! Thank you so much, it is a nice stock piece with good character and figuring. Thank you very much, I will be sure and recommend you to my buddy's" Jim Graham in NY 10-2015

KMOS presents Missouri Life...we're on the road to Benton County, Missouri where we'll sweep up some lessons and learn a little about Macon Gunstocks. KMOS presents Missouri Life.

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Dannie Wake, one of the top competitive shooters in the USA, with CEO Bryan Macon.
Hammer Head Rifle stock made by Macon Gunstocks.

 Welcome to Macon Gunstocks!
You have just located one of the world's most versatile manufacturers of quality gun stocks. We have THOUSANDS of different makes, models and style's of gun stocks available and if we don't have it we can make it! Macon Gunstocks is a family owned business with 4 generations of experience and wood workers who put 100% into every project that comes into our factory. Our work has been published and we have been recognized by publications like and including "The Great Outdoors", Guns America, Wild West Guns Show, LC Smith Association and more.  We have an in house engineer as well as hundreds of years worth of experience at YOUR disposal. With all of these extraordinary advantages you may expect to spend many thousands of dollars on your next project. Happily that is not the case, as Macon has developed a system that allows YOU to purchase a gun stock directly from the manufacturer at a deep discount. 

  "How we keep prices so low"

At Macon Gunstocks our goal is to make your desire for a top quality gun stock an affordable reality and we have succeeded!! We did so in several ways which I'll explain. First off we expanded our in house logging operation over the years. We own 2 fully operational logging facilities. One here in Missouri and one is in California where some of the worlds TOP wood is harvested. This allows us to bring in our wood blanks at cost. Other manufacturer's pay thousands of dollars for the wood BEFORE they even start your project. No wonder they can't compete with our wholesale pricing! 


  We also offer TOP QUALITY wood blanks of all types and grades at low wholesale pricing.

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 How we log at Macon Gunstocks.

Logs are processed by our Timber King log mill into flitches , gunstock blanks and billets. They are then anchor sealed and stacked onto pallets in our 3,000 square foot air dry facility. They are hand selected by our wood smith's to be moved into production when they have reached the optimal moisture level. They are graded, tagged and inventoried. They spend days relaxing in a climate controlled atmosphere waiting to fulfill the destiny of becoming a gun stock. That's where you come in.

We receive an order to duplicate shotgun stocks and rifle stocks for Remington, Winchester, Browning, Savage, Beretta, LC Smith, AH Fox, Perazzi, Parker, Marlin, Krieghoff, Martini, Stevens, Ithaca and many others. The order goes either to the drilling presses or to the machine's to be roughed in. All gunstocks ultimately end up in the machines where they will be duplicated to semi inlet gunstocks.

Your project will then be designated either for delivery or fitting. If it is delivery it will go to our shipping where it will be boxed and invoiced. If it is going into fitting it will move to the next building over; where our fitters work. One of our fitter's will work on making the perfect fit for your firearm. This is also the same factory that will do the finish work and checkering. We then complete the project to our customers request's. 

Just like magic your gunstock is DONE!!
Ready to get started? 660-438-4697

Wanna know more about our wood?

We offer many wood options for your shotgun stock or rifle stock including Claro walnut, Circassian walnut, Turkish walnut, Black Walnut. All grades of Maple stock blanks and much more. We also have many options of various colored laminate gun stock blanks.

Mostly our business is machine inlet wood replacement rifle stocks or shotgun stocks to novice installers and gunsmith's. Our unique process of taking it from log to carved stock here at our facility, creates a huge savings and a better quality gunstocks to our customers. 

That's why we offer the best gun stocks available anywhere at the lowest prices.

Generations of craftsmen have made Macon Gunstocks a leader in the market for years.

Macon Gunstocks is "Where excellence is a tradition".


Full fit, shape, float barrel, Hand rubbed oil finish on Ruger 10-22 Stainless Bull Barrel in Royal Onyx Laminate for James in Missouri.