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Gunstock Duplication Services




Gunstock manufacturer semi inlet wood replacement stocks

Due to high volumes, our cut times average  3 months and our fit and finish times average 6-8 months and lead times will vary.  Plan early as our emphasis is on quality not quickness.


Wood Services

Semi Inlet Gun Stocks- This is where we shine brightest! Macon gunstocks uses very high quality gunstock duplicator machine's to put out a second to none product. Make sure to check out our catalog byclicking here. Pricing on machine inlet products without fit, without finish or without checker will start $125 and up depending on model.

Gunstock Duplication- We can take any OEM or aftermarket gunstock and turn it into a beautiful duplication. We own our log mills in CA and MO which allows us to offer rare and unique wood at an amazing price. This combination gives you the opportunity for a limitless experience and results. Prices on duplication will start $75 for a butt stock and $60 for a for-end; depending on make and model. However, rare and unusual items may cost more. Custom dimensions or longer LOP over 15" is up charge.

Checkering- Any L.P.I. or pattern you want. That is the service we offer at Macon Gunstocks. All checkering is hand cut.  Pricing for standard checkering will start $150 and up depending on model. Call for exact pricing.

Fitting  - Did you need help fitting your gun stock to your firearm? We got you covered! We have qualified installers in our shop to make your wood fit like a glove and get your firearm ready for the next big shoot. Fitting prices will vary depending on the model of the firearm but average cost will start $300 and up.

Finish- Once you get that stock fitted your going to need a top quality finish to bring out the depth of that wood. We offer several finish options. Both oil and clear coat finishes will start $125 for standard applications.

Hand Rubbed Oil Finish- This finish is one of the most popular for high end stocks. We use a coined technique that will give you the depth and clarity to STOP THE SHOW! We also use a custom buffing wheel and compound to make your stock's figure really stand up without leaving burns and swirl marks.

Clear Finishes- Some people still prefer the clear coat over the oil finish. We have you covered! We bring high quality to your stock to make a good project into a perfect stock.WE DO NOT DO HIGH GLOSS FINISH

Laser Engraving- Top quality laser engraving is also an option at Macon Gunstocks. Laser engraving cost start $80 & up.

Metal Services

Case Color- Top quality case color is also an option at Macon Gunstocks. 

Case color cost start $385 & up depending on model.

Blue Jobs- One of the most commonly needed services in the industry is a re-blue. However this is also a part of the industry that lacks greatly in quality.

Pricing starts $200 for barrels depending on model.

Solid Ribs- Tell us what you need and we will get you taken care of.

Standard Rib projects start $590.00.

Vented Ribs - Tell us what you need and we will get you taken care of.

Vented Rib projects start $590.00.

Make sure to call us with questions or to set up your project.